Samsung Electronic Releases Cause of Galaxy Note7 Incidents

Nice infographic explaining the situation attached.

Cocktail party dazzle – want some basic battery knowledge?

Unlike flashlight batteries, lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries use “pressurized” “flammable” electrolyte chemistry. Exceeding any of the below ratings can create “sub-optimum combustion” ugliness.

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Secure Public Internet Access

The digital economy continues to drive everywhere demand for WiFi access. Users demand convenience features that automatically connect them to these networks using stored passwords. Among these requirements lurks serious personal security threats. Basic awareness of the hazards and vigilance are all required to avoid entanglements.

The first 360 words identify personal threats and how to vanquish them. An additional 750-word investment covers the Internet security landscape unlocking the jargon.

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The Essentials

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What Does Customer-Centric and Marketing Sciences Really Mean?

Growth Sciences advocates, illustrates and executes customer focus and scientific marketing practices.

Customer Centric

More than just a cliche, perhaps with the advent of technology, tighter cost controls or shorter development cycles, customer motivations are inexplicably left out of marketing plans. This manifests itself in advertising where simple customer benefits are missing traded for price or other differentiating attributes. Left out is the customer’s journey, their motivation and how the product provides a solution to enhance their goals. There is tremendous power in customer focus at every point of service if the required branding work is completed.

Marketing Science

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The Weight of Innovation

To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man. Shakespeare

Consider a spectrum with the characteristics of innovation and operations representing each end.  Most will plot around the center but bias to one end. Many personality profiles directly or with a bit of interpretation reveal the dominant characteristic.

Being heavy to either characteristic can mean lower tolerance, patience or even desire to be effective at tasks dwelling at the other end. Awareness is essential to avoiding painful decay in effectiveness that even the best emotional intelligence strategies can fix.

Innovation Versus Improvement

Scope of impact and degree of change differentiate these two often substituted terms. A few examples:

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Transitioning the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority to International Control is Much Ado About Nothing

Positions against final international transition of Internet’s addressing scheme are wrong.  Further, they appear to be nothing more than fear mongering by exploiting a rather nuanced technical function the average public shouldn’t care about. Invest reading about 600 words below and make up your own mind.

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