Behold New Marketing Tablets from on High SiriusDecisions Demand Unit Waterfall

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The mighty oracle of modern digital marketing has delivered us a new groovy epiphany to lead us mortals into the light of righteous marketing. My dear friend and guru on these matters, Intelligent Demand’s John Common gives a first-person account from the burning bush. Save yourself time and read his well laid out 2,500 words to get the story.  Or read his last 400 words covering eight thoughts summarizing the key points.

No argument SiriusDecisions is considered the McKinsey of digital marketing thinking. When outside credibility is necessary to spark digital marketing investments inside $1B+ companies, they have the horsepower to get cross-functional senior executives saluting.

The new construct encouragingly unlocked another B2B purchase process level recognizing multiple operators in B2B purchases – aka the Demand Unit. Further, they venture into creating demand against buyer personas, needs, and solutions. Agonizingly, this framework, like the others, fails to call out and operate on sales process insights.

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Nine SMB Buyer Insights

PDF Version: RSmith-SMB Buyer Insights

Not in a hurry

Purchase timelines can last 2-12 months with more significant investments expanding to years to mitigate risk and properly educate themselves.

Start online

SMB organizations rarely have the expertise in the target purchase as larger companies and therefore must leverage external resources. Google reports greater than 90% start online to survey availability, pricing, payback and reviews.

Seek decision support

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Primer on NPS®

Contemplating adopting the entire system or a part of it? Lay down a solid education program covering the concepts in this primer to give the program a fighting chance.

Frederick F. Reichheld, a Boston-based author and director emeritus at Bain & Company, conducted research for two years culminating in the 2003 Harvard Business Review paper The One Number You Need to Grow Frederick F. Reichheld 12/03. “The objective was to “link[ed] survey responses with actual customer behavior — purchasing patterns and referrals — and ultimately with company growth.” The results were “clear yet counterintuitive” pointing to a certain process that predicts business performance from satisfaction.  

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